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Used Marcos in Hassocks, West Sussex

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Used Marcos in West SussexUsed Marcos in West Sussex

Marcos is a British sports car founded in Wales in 1959. They’re a rare breed and sought by collectors all over the world.Their first car was the Xylon, nicknamed the “Ugly Duckling” and sporting gullwing doors, but then came the Marcos 1800 GT with a design that fans of sportscars would recognise for three decades.The Mini Marcos was (unsurprisingly), a smaller, front-wheeled drive car which became the only British car to finish the 1966 Le Mans.Other cars followed, such as the Marcos Mantis, Mantula, Spyder and Martina.Find a classic Marcos today.Call 01273 846388, or come by our showroom Silverbrookes in Hassocks, West Sussex

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